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如果你想获得更多英语课堂教学技巧,并了解培生最热门的英语系列教材,那就关注培生服务团队定期举行的产品讲座吧!培生服务团队计划于北京时间2017年9月20日(星期三),即美国时间2017年9月19日(星期二),举办培生产品在线讲座第四期—PD 教学法,Our Discovery Island 和 Poptropica 课程介绍。我们诚邀各位老师报名参加,与培生教学专家一起,探讨英语教学,见证 ODI 与 POP 课程如何帮助学习者趣味学习,高效掌握英语教学知识!


北京时间:9月20日星期三 - 上午9点至11点

美国东区时间:9月19日星期二 - 晚9点至11点

Part one 第一部分:Professional Development (教学法)

Part two 第二部分:Our Discovery Island & Poptropica (产品介绍)


培生面向中国的教育者和学习者,近几年先后推出了 Our Discovery Island 和 Poptropica 课程。

Our Discovery Island 是由培生出版,为儿童英语学习量身定做的课程。课程中的六个小岛,将分别向孩子们教授六个级别的英语内容。在每个小岛上,学生和教师都可通过扮演在线游戏、课本和DVD中的有趣的人物角色,经历不同的冒险和学习之旅。

在 Poptropica 的虚拟世界中,孩子们可以在完全安全的情况下进行游戏和探索。每个月,都有来自世界各地的无数儿童,被 Poptropica 中引人入胜的探索、故事、和游戏所吸引。通过本次讲座,相信老师们可以学习并领会,如何在 Poptropica English 的教学流程设计中始终贯穿以学生为中心的教学思想,教师可以通过 Online World Active Teach 中的 Learning Adventure 步骤为主线,逐步引导学生自主学习。


Carol Brown



◎ 纽约州立大学布鲁克波特分校西班牙语、教育学学士

◎ 哥伦比亚大学教育学院对外英语教学 (TESOL) 硕士

◎ 以教师,以及培训师身份参与 ELT (English Language Teaching) 工作 20 余年

◎ 曾在私立语言学校、成人教育培训以及中小学进行英语教学工作,有着丰富的英语教学经验

◎ 现任培生 ELT 教师培训经理


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Recently, with well-informed research, teachers’ education level, comprehensive quality and professional development have been highly regarded by educators. In order to establish the foundation of teacher’s education career for future, it is a peak time that we should realize how to improve teacher’s professional standard to make professional development promoted. Due to the leading character for teachers in whole education process, it could not be measured that differences will be made to education if teachers have access to improving themselves. 

If you have great passion to learn much about teaching skills in English lessons and today’s popular English books, please follow the Product Webinar host termly by Pearson Service Delivery Team.  Pearson Service Delivery Team will hold the 4th Pearson Product Webinar on 20/9/2017 (Wednesday of China time), while it will be on 19/9/2017 night time in America zone. The Webinar will focus on Professional Development (Pedagogy) and product intro of Our Discovery Island and Poptropica. Welcome to join us and approach how to learn teaching effectively with expert.

Webinar Agenda

   China Time : GMT+8, 20/9/2017 (Wed), 9.00am-11.00am

  US Time : GMT-8, 9/19/2017 (Tue), 


Part 1 : Professional Development (Pedagogy)

Part 2 : Our Discovery Island & Poptropica (Product Intro)

By the time of the information era, it is not only bringing new motivation to English teaching, but also calling out challenges to teachers. The professional development for English teachers includes the development of pedagogy and discipline knowledge. Meanwhile, it is equally important to choose techniques correctly and apply skills expertly. Discipline pedagogy that integrated with teaching techniques provides theoretical instruction on the integration of skills and teaching for English teachers. It is also a good reference for teachers’ professional development.

Aiming at Chinese educators and learners, Pearson has published Our Discovery Island and Poptropica in recent years. 

Our Discovery Island is a course for children learning English, published by Pearson. There are six islands in the course, teaching six different levels of English. Each island has a different adventure, with the same fun characters you find in the online game, and in the books and DVDs.

Poptropica is a virtual world in which kids explore and play in complete safety. Every month, millions of kids from around the world are entertained and informed by Poptropicas engaging quests, stories, and games. Through the Webinar, teachers can learn how to make students as the center point in lesson plan from beginning to end. Besides, teachers can use the steps of Learning Adventure in Online World Active Teach as main clue to lead children to learn independently.

Trainer’s bio 

Carol Brown

Pearson America Senior Consultant

Professional Qualification:

 Has a B.A. in Spanish and Education from the State University of New York at Brockport

 Has an M.A. in TESOL from Teachers College, Columbia University

◎ Has been involved in ELT for more than 20 years both as a teacher and teacher trainer

 Taught English in a wide variety of programs- private language schools, adult education programs, and primary and secondary schools

◎ Currently she is the Teacher Training Manager for Pearson ELT

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